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Hi, this is Byram, the e-book review guy. In this review I’m going to tell you about Madison Cavanaugh’s new e-book “The One Minute Cure.” You will find this is, basically, a very positive review. So, if you are in a hurry to see what “The One Minute Cure” is about and how it can cure any illness, click this link.

The “The One Minute Cure” is a very reasonably priced e-book that explains in detail how you, or anyone, can cure virtually any type of illness, disease or condition. This includes HIV and cancer. Yes, this does sound far-fetched and I wouldn’t have believed anything such as this would have been at all possible. However, the book explains the way to go about curing these illnesses, diseases and conditions in complete detail.  The book also includes the details about the ingredients you need to go about curing yourself of any of these things and where to get these ingredients.

Oxygen is the Answer

I will not be able to give many details in regards to the ingredients used in making the miracle cure here because this would be a copyright infringement on my part. So, I will not go into detail about the methods Dr. Cavanaugh describes for his “One Minute Cure.” I will, however, say that the cure lies in getting more oxygen into your body.

One of the claims Madison Cavanaugh makes in this e-book is that cancerous tumors, even those in advanced stages, will be cured when you follow the instructions in this e-book. Yes, such claims are fantastic. However, as I read through the chapters, I became completely sold that everything Dr. Cavanaugh was saying was not only viable but probable. On top of that, he explains case histories of people who have been cured of different diseases by using his formula.

To see how “The One Minute Cure” uses Oxygen Therapy to cure any illness or disease, click this link.

Usually, when I review an e-book I will save any of the negative comments I have for one of the later paragraphs in the review. However since this e-book holds so much promise, it is possible anyone reading this review won’t see how there could be a downside to this book. After all, how much downside can there be to curing cancer when it is in its late stages? For that reason, I am going to talk about what I believe are the negatives right now.

The Negatives I Found About “The One Minute Cure”

First, The Ingredients, Themselves

Using the methods described in this e-book require mixing a formula and ingesting it orally. One of the ingredients of this formula is said to be dangerous if it is not mixed with the other ingredients. In other words, if you were to drink this ingredient straight, you would do yourself great harm. Also, this ingredient will burn your skin on contact and if a significant amount was splashed in your eyes you could go blind.

Equally as frightening is the fact that when you store the unused portion of this ingredient you are instructed to keep it in the back of your freezer and have it marked clearly as “poison!” It is for this reason I cannot possibly recommend using the formula described in “The One Minute Cure.” After all, I am not a doctor and I cannot prescribe anything to you. So, I am in no way prescribing the cure outlined in “The One Minute Cure” to anyone. I am also not instructing you to buy any of the ingredients that go into making “The One Minute Cure.”

And, The Thing About One Minute

“The One Minute Cure” does not take it all long to implement. Also, by the way, is very inexpensive. However, it does take more than one minute. It actually takes more like several minutes each day and by the time you actually cure your illness condition or disease you would have to use it for approximately 7 weeks and then stay on a maintenance dosage. All this time would take up considerably more than one minute. Still, it is not a time-consuming process and this is probably what the author was driving at when he named it “The One Minute Cure.”

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If I were diagnosed with a late stage cancerous tumor and I was told it would only be a short time before I died, I would certainly use the method described in this book. As you will see when you read this e-book, the author strongly recommends using the miracle mixture he explicitly shows you how to create and he is a doctor.

This means you may have reason to want to try using, or you may know someone you will want to recommend using, the cure detailed in “The One Minute Cure.” However, I am not recommending using Dr. Cavanaugh’s method simply because of the dangers involved in using one of the ingredients it requires.

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Still, I give this e-book the highest recommendation. Reading it reveals so much on so many levels I am totally fascinated by it! If I never use the methods described in this book I still feel I have gained a great deal just from reading it.

Beyond that, there certainly may come a time in my life when I may want to use the cure “The One Minute Cure” describes. If and when that time comes I will follow the instructions laid out in the e-book to the T and I will be extremely careful in handling the ingredients. You can bet I will do precisely what the book says in regards to these things.

For now however, I am greatly benefited by knowing there is a way to overcome any illness, disease or condition known to man.  To me, this alone is worth much more than the price of the e-book.

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Food Grade H2O2

Most of us know H2O is water. What is meant by H2 is that there are two molecules of hydrogen in water.

Caution Use Only As Directed

An O with no number means there is 1 molecule of oxygen water. So, in water there are two molecules of hydrogen for every one molecule of oxygen. (Thus H2O)


So it would seem that H202 is very similar to water and to a certain extent it is. However, the extra molecule of oxygen contained in H2O2 is significant in the fact it can be a great thing when used properly but on the other hand if improperly administered it could kill you.

H2 02 is hydrogen peroxide. There are many different grades of hydrogen peroxide. One of these grades is used as described in a book entitled “The One Minute Cure.” Why I mentioned this is because to be effective the instructions in the book must be followed exactly. This is not only to be effective but also to not be dangerous.

Using the wrong amount, the wrong grade or even mixing the correct grade of hydrogen peroxide improperly could cause great harm to you. This harm could happen not only internally but externally as well. In other words, if the proper grade was used but was not mixed exactly as described in “The One Minute Cure” it could be lethal but also it can burn the skin and even cause blindness if it is splashed in the eyes as well.

Of course, we are all familiar with household hydrogen peroxide. This hydrogen peroxide is a completely different grade than the one used in “The One Minute Cure.” The main ingredient in the healing solution talked about in “The One Minute Cure” is a certain Food Grade H2O2.

All this aside, administering this food grade H2 02 properly; that is using the proper mix of the proper grade, can heal things that were once thought to be un-heal-able. It is even said to heal advanced stages of cancer and even HIV. However, I am not an expert on the subject. To learn what you would need to know to cure practically any disease, illness or condition without causing more harm to yourself and others, you will have to refer to “The One Minute Cure.”

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What Is The One Minute Cure?

The one minute cure is an e-book written about a system that has been developed, or perhaps discovered would be a better way to phrase it, by Madison Cavanaugh. There are many who are asking whether or not “The One Minute Cure” is a scam. Others are calling this method of curing the incurable, “The One Minute Cure” hoax. In this article, we will try to explain whether or not “The One Minute Cure” is indeed a scam or a hoax.


In Madison Cavanaugh’s research, he explains how he found that disease cannot live in an oxygenated environment. Of course, the study that brought about this discovery predates Madison Cavanaugh by many years as it has well been known for a long time disease does not thrive in an environment full of oxygen.


Therefore, it has become the quest of many a healer to try to find a way to put the cells of the body in a heavily oxygenated environment. Of course there have been many options that have claimed to achieve this end.


For instance, I know a gentleman very well who was diagnosed with cancer and he was able to cure himself by, in part, becoming a long-distance runner. His school of thought and the school of thought of those who had taught him this method were that heavy aerobic exercise would bring a great deal of oxygen into his cancerous cells. This process killed the cancerous cells and let the healthy cells thrive.


Of course, this is the capsulized version of what this man did to cure his cancer. Still, it does show that oxygenating the body does cleanse it. However, there are many more details to this case history and I cannot possibly go into them because I don’t know all of them.


Also, I am not recommending anyone become a long-distance runner. In fact, I am not recommending anything to anyone in this article. However, I did want to bring about the point of oxygen as being a key ingredient to possibly healing different diseases ailments and conditions.


“The One Minute Cure” in fact, does use the theory that oxygen kills diseased and cancerous cells. However, The One Minute Cure is not about exercise. Instead, it describes ingredients and how they are mixed together making a miracle formula that washes the body’s cells in oxygen and thereby rids the body of all diseases, illnesses and conditions. This e-book goes into great detail about how to use one of cure’s main ingredients because this ingredient is a very dangerous if used alone.


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Healing With Alternative Medicine

Many turn to alternative medicine for cures of illness and disease because of some of the side effects standard medical procedures bring with them. Everyone knows most medicines carry with them side effects. So, the Nealing Alternativesquestion becomes; are these side effects worse than the original disease itself?

Also, medical procedures many times, come with a risk. For instance, certain operations are not always successful and can cause greater harm than the original problem that made the operation necessary. I am in no way demeaning modern medicine; however there are times when the risks modern medicine present make it worthwhile to look for and alternative cure.

There are probably hundreds of different so-called alternative medicine cures. However, in this article, we will talk about five of them: acupuncture, herbal remedies, hypnotism, macrobiotic diet and oxygen therapy.


Acupuncture has been performed since as far back as recorded history began. Acupuncture is an Eastern form of medicine and it has claimed to cure everything there is to cure. As most of us know, acupuncture is performed by sticking needles under the skin. Today acupuncture is even used as a means to help people fight obesity. There are many people who swear by acupuncture.

Herbal Remedies

For every illness, disease or condition a person can have, there is probably an herb that will heal it. This is, of course, according to herbalists. The problem with herbs is, like modern medicine they have side effects and they can react to other medicine, foods or herbs being taken. Well herbs hold great promise, let it be noted that you must really be careful when using herbs.


It is thought that the subconscious mind controls everything in the body. Because of this, hypnotism teaches us the subconscious mind can be programmed to lead a human to any desired outcome he or she wishes. The desired outcome can even be the healing of a major disease or ailment. While hypnotism is a controversial subject, many people have had great success with hypnotism with quiting smoking and losing weight.

Macrobiotic Diet

The macrobiotic diet goes back to around the year 400 BC. Hippocrates, the father of modern medicine, taught macrobiotic dieting. Basically, a macrobiotic diet is a chemical free diet. No processed foods are eaten in the diet consists mainly of grains and, of course, all fresh foods. Going on this type of diet supposedly cleanses the body and while doing so brings greater healing forces to the body. Like most alternative medicines, the macrobiotic diet is somewhat controversial. However, there are those who have had success with it.

Oxygen Therapy

The theory here is, since disease cannot live in an environment washed in oxygen, adding more oxygen to the body will make the body very inhospitable to disease and therefore the body will heal itself. This is said to be the case even if a person has a cancerous tumor in its advanced stages or even if he/she is HIV positive.

While there is no conclusive evidence all, or even any of these alternative medical cures are appropriate for everyone and or all diseases, there are many people who have experienced success by using alternative medicines.

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