What Is The One Minute Cure?

The one minute cure is an e-book written about a system that has been developed, or perhaps discovered would be a better way to phrase it, by Madison Cavanaugh. There are many who are asking whether or not “The One Minute Cure” is a scam. Others are calling this method of curing the incurable, “The One Minute Cure” hoax. In this article, we will try to explain whether or not “The One Minute Cure” is indeed a scam or a hoax.


In Madison Cavanaugh’s research, he explains how he found that disease cannot live in an oxygenated environment. Of course, the study that brought about this discovery predates Madison Cavanaugh by many years as it has well been known for a long time disease does not thrive in an environment full of oxygen.


Therefore, it has become the quest of many a healer to try to find a way to put the cells of the body in a heavily oxygenated environment. Of course there have been many options that have claimed to achieve this end.


For instance, I know a gentleman very well who was diagnosed with cancer and he was able to cure himself by, in part, becoming a long-distance runner. His school of thought and the school of thought of those who had taught him this method were that heavy aerobic exercise would bring a great deal of oxygen into his cancerous cells. This process killed the cancerous cells and let the healthy cells thrive.


Of course, this is the capsulized version of what this man did to cure his cancer. Still, it does show that oxygenating the body does cleanse it. However, there are many more details to this case history and I cannot possibly go into them because I don’t know all of them.


Also, I am not recommending anyone become a long-distance runner. In fact, I am not recommending anything to anyone in this article. However, I did want to bring about the point of oxygen as being a key ingredient to possibly healing different diseases ailments and conditions.


“The One Minute Cure” in fact, does use the theory that oxygen kills diseased and cancerous cells. However, The One Minute Cure is not about exercise. Instead, it describes ingredients and how they are mixed together making a miracle formula that washes the body’s cells in oxygen and thereby rids the body of all diseases, illnesses and conditions. This e-book goes into great detail about how to use one of cure’s main ingredients because this ingredient is a very dangerous if used alone.


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