Food Grade H2O2

Most of us know H2O is water. What is meant by H2 is that there are two molecules of hydrogen in water.

Caution Use Only As Directed

An O with no number means there is 1 molecule of oxygen water. So, in water there are two molecules of hydrogen for every one molecule of oxygen. (Thus H2O)


So it would seem that H202 is very similar to water and to a certain extent it is. However, the extra molecule of oxygen contained in H2O2 is significant in the fact it can be a great thing when used properly but on the other hand if improperly administered it could kill you.

H2 02 is hydrogen peroxide. There are many different grades of hydrogen peroxide. One of these grades is used as described in a book entitled “The One Minute Cure.” Why I mentioned this is because to be effective the instructions in the book must be followed exactly. This is not only to be effective but also to not be dangerous.

Using the wrong amount, the wrong grade or even mixing the correct grade of hydrogen peroxide improperly could cause great harm to you. This harm could happen not only internally but externally as well. In other words, if the proper grade was used but was not mixed exactly as described in “The One Minute Cure” it could be lethal but also it can burn the skin and even cause blindness if it is splashed in the eyes as well.

Of course, we are all familiar with household hydrogen peroxide. This hydrogen peroxide is a completely different grade than the one used in “The One Minute Cure.” The main ingredient in the healing solution talked about in “The One Minute Cure” is a certain Food Grade H2O2.

All this aside, administering this food grade H2 02 properly; that is using the proper mix of the proper grade, can heal things that were once thought to be un-heal-able. It is even said to heal advanced stages of cancer and even HIV. However, I am not an expert on the subject. To learn what you would need to know to cure practically any disease, illness or condition without causing more harm to yourself and others, you will have to refer to “The One Minute Cure.”

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